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Fund Raising – A Coordinated Approach ​​​​​​​

Fund Raising – A Coordinated Approach 

AGSB is a leading state funded selective Grammar school rated Outstanding by Ofsted in October 2022. Our school embraces education in its broadest sense, encouraging excellence across the board and helping to prepare our pupils to be self-confident and well-rounded individuals. Sadly, like so many other schools we are facing significant financial challenges. We are working hard to ensure that the AGSB Experience- the thing that makes this school so special to our pupils- is not threatened. But to do this, we need your help!

Altrincham Grammar School Developments Ltd (“AGSD”) 

AGSD is an independent charitable organisation, and our sole purpose is to raise funds for AGSB. We have been crucial in providing capital funds for all major building works since 1998. Most critically, AGSD has provided “matched funding” opportunities when capital projects that are funded by the DfE or Local Authority require an initial financial contribution from sources external to the school before they can be realised. Recent major projects that have benefited from AGSD funding include the new Teaching Complex, the Physics Centre, and The Grammar sports facility and all-weather pitch.  Financial support from AGSD since 1998 has enabled £10 million of investment in the School.

AGSB School Fund

The School fund helps to cover the costs of extracurricular activities and other day to day expenses. This includes the running costs of the school minibuses used to transport pupils to events and fixtures, the School magazine and general support of the extracurricular programme. All pupils benefit greatly from this fund in their daily school lives.

How you can help!

Every donation makes a difference, and we hope that you will join us in supporting the School.

For just £1 day (£30-month) you will be contributing £360 annually to the fund. With Gift Aid we can collect a further 25% and your donation becomes £450 a year. If families and carers of all 210 pupils of our 2023 cohort were to sign up this would give the fund an annual income of £94 000 from a single year group alone! Contributions of any size are warmly welcomed and will make a valuable difference to school life now and the years ahead.

Ways to Donate

Regular donations give the school continual funds and allow for the convenience of giving over time. You can:

  • Scan the QR code below with your phone, this will take you directly to the online form where you can set up a monthly contribution.

For further information about AGSD including how to donate please visit

Thank you from all at AGSD and AGSB.

Yours faithfully


G.A Wright (Head Master)                                            R. Russel- Fisher (Chairman- AGSD)